Package Protector

Our Two Solutions

Package Protector™ PRO

Recessed model that seamlessly blends in with your home. Perfect for new construction homes still in design phases – easily installs on or near your front porch so all parcel carriers can access.

Package Protector™ PORT

Free-standing model – The Package Protector™ PORT can be anchored to a concrete pad anywhere near your front entrance, so parcel carriers can easily access it.

So what say ye?

Will you be the vigilante of the veranda? The savior of the stoop? Join the fight! We have the perfect protector for any package. No matter your home style or porch setup we’ve got a top-of-the-line solution to suit.

Take a stand. Your package needs you.

Imagine your package…
safe and protected

Never worry about whether or not your deliveries will be there when you get home, but don’t take our word for it. These home-delivery heroes said “enough is enough” and decided to stand up to package-thieving ne’er-do-wells.

Listen to their stories and see what they have to say:

“The Package Protector was a breeze to install in the home’s exterior.”
“Knowing my delivery is safe from theft really puts my mind at ease.”

A stolen package will spoil your day

When a package is stolen, there’s often nothing you can do except order a replacement. This results in long conversations with customer service, delays to your delivery, and often times a hit to your wallet. Nevermind the thought that even the next package could be stolen!

This isn’t how it is supposed to be. These porch pirates have operated for many seasons with total impunity.
It’s time we put an end to it. Together, we can stop package theft.