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4C Commercial Mailbox with 15 Tenant Compartments and 3 Parcel Lockers


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Finish off your centralized mail installation with the Florence 4C Parcel Locker. Designed to match 4C mailbox suites, this parcel locker module will provide additional package delivery options for your residents.

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4C Horizontal Mailboxes

Mailboxes.NYC  4C horizontal mailbox solution that complies with the newest U.S. Postal Service regulations. We will assist you in configuring the most efficient and practical mailbox layout for your specific project while maintaining compliance with the most up to date postal regulations. All of our 4C mailboxes meet high postal security standards to help prevent identity theft and keep your mail safe and secure.

Shop STD-4C Mailboxes for Apartments, Multi Family Residences and Commercial Buildings

Florence versatile™ 4C mailboxes provide pre-configured mail slots and parcel lockers for commercial & residential buildings like apartments, multi-family complexes, military bases, condos, and any new construction.


The most common way to install the 4C Commercial modules is into a wall. Florence makes installation easy by providing a MultiUnit Connector Kit (MUCK) for each specified module. The MUCK eliminates the need for studs and pulls the units together tightly,reducing any potential gaps between modules. Installation Alternatives OPTIONS FOR STD-4C MOUNTING:


Single or double-wide 4C modules can be installed flush on a wall when utilizing the surface-mount collar option. This installation alternative is ideal for settings with limited wall depth. The collar is easy to assemble with a slotted back which is designed for ease of installation. The collars are all aluminum construction in rugged, weather resistant powder coat finishes and can be used indoors or out.


The Depot is a freestanding solution that provides flexibility to install our most popular 4C mailboxes in a standalone cabinet when wall space is limited. Depots are designed to ensure the selected module is installed at a standard accessible height. Ease of installation also makes the freestanding Depot option a popular choice. To order, add -D to 4C model number. (Example: 4C16D-20-D)

Door ID Options

Decals: 4C mailboxes come standard with silver adhesive decals. 1-1/2″ high x 1-3/4″ wide. Black letters. Can contain up to five characters per decal.

Engraving: Uses USPS standard US Block font and is 3/4″ tall. 12 characters per line, up to two lines per door.

Color Options for 4C Horizontal Mailboxes

Customize your 4C mailbox(es) with one of eight different architectural color options with a durable powder coat finish.


Tenant Door Height: 3.00"
Total Parcel Lockers: 3


Unit height is 56-1/2". See cut sheet for Rough opening details.


Unit width is 31-9/16". See cut sheet for Rough opening details.


Minimum wall depth of 17" required.



Quantity Compartment Name Compartment Type Compartment Height Compartment Width Compartment Depth
15 1H Tenant Standard Mail 3" 12" 15"
2 15" Parcel Parcel Locker 15" 12" 15"
1 17" Parcel Parcel Locker 17" 12" 15"
1 1H Outgoing Outgoing Mail Slot 3" 12" 15"
1 1H Master Master Collection 3" 12" 15"


2019 Centralized Mail Delivery (PDF)

2021 Florence Catalog (PDF)

Florence Care & Cleaning (PDF)

Florence Sustainability (PDF)

Florence Warranty (PDF)

2019 STD-4C Catalog (PDF)


2018 Florence Buy American (PDF)

Florence Buy America FTC (PDF)

Federal Register 4C (PDF)

Materials STD-4C (PDF)

4C16D-15CS (DWG)

4C16D-15CS (PDF)


Versatile 4C Maintenance Manual (PDF)

Versatile 4C Recessed Mount Install (PDF)


105513 Florence Spec 4C (DOCX)

105513 Florence Spec 4C (RTF)

4C Recessed Mount BIM


Florence Product Catalog
Care and Cleaning
4C Color Chart


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